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Inland Marine — Specialty investigations group

The Specialty Investigations Group (SIG) is unique in the insurance industry. We focus as much on a proactive stance to reducing the odds of theft as we do on recovery efforts in the event of a loss.

We understand that the coverage offered in the policy is only one part of the product we offer our clients. SIG is built to bring additional value to our insureds. Theft risk assessments, risk analysis and training are integral to the services we offer.

Our team trains with industry experts, maintains strong relationships with law enforcement task forces and special investigators; and has an in-depth knowledge of inland marine coverages. SIG is available 24 hours a day/365 days a year to offer the solutions and responsiveness you need.

SIG works with a variety of industries including:

  • Truck, air and rail for all facets of the logistics industry
    • Cargo theft and recovery investigations
    • Cargo theft prevention consultations
    • Training for logistics and warehousing
  • Construction industry, including contractors and dealers equipment and construction materials
    • Job site theft prevention consultations
    • Equipment in transit
    • Heavy equipment theft and recovery investigations
  • Cultural and historic collections, galleries and museums
    • Art and antique investigations
    • Transit, exhibition, trade fair, storage and display theft prevention plans
  • Renewable energy
    • Investigations into theft of property, such as solar panels
    • Storage of components parts
  • Manufacturing, wholesale and retail
    • Jeweler's block investigations

The SIG team is available when you need them. Rather than operating from a single location, team members are located across the country, building relationships with law enforcement in the communities they live and work in. SIG provides added value by:

  • Employing investigators with backgrounds in law enforcement whose expertise and strong relationships with their local communities enable them to respond quickly in recovery investigations
  • Having a nationwide presence combined with local expertise to be able to offer the fast response time that can be so critical in the event of a loss
  • Keeping abreast of industry trends to offer insights on the latest products and technology used in theft prevention
  • Participating in local, regional and national task forces on cargo and heavy equipment theft (e.g., the National Cargo Theft Task Force Leadership Panel)

Contact your independent agent or Scott Cornell to learn more about the Specialty Investigations Group and the network of services that inland marine offers.

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