Culturally Enriched Communities

About Giving

Academic & Career Success, Thriving Neighborhoods, and Culturally Enriched Communities

Travelers is committed to breaking down barriers to success and creating opportunities through corporate giving.

Travelers' philanthropy is focused on three main areas: academic & career success, thriving neighborhoods, and culturally enriched communities. Travelers and the Travelers Foundation primarily support education initiatives in Travelers' key cities of Hartford, Conn., and St. Paul, Minn., and in other cities nationally. Travelers also supports select community development and culturally enriched communities programs.

Employee Involvement

At Travelers, we take pride in empowering our employees to have a positive impact by serving others. As community leaders, our employees have a solid reputation for being valuable assets as board members and volunteers who contribute their fullest to civic and nonprofit organizations. Travelers' Employee Giving Campaign encourages employees to give financially to organizations in their communities. In addition, Travelers supports employees' personal community interests through a matching gifts program in recognition of volunteer time or as a match to financial contributions.  Learn More

Grants & Guidelines

To determine eligibility for funding, please read the complete Giving Guidelines that apply to all charitable corporate and foundation contributions made by Travelers.

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