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Boating Safety Tips

Check your boat before departure, bring emergency supplies and use safe boating behavior to help stay safe on the water with these boating safety tips.

Developing a Storm Preparedness Plan for Your Boat

A boat in a storm can be very dangerous. Learn what to do if you are on a boat in a storm with these tips.

Emergency Preparedness Tips and Checklist for Boaters

Help prepare for boating emergencies by keeping a boat emergency kit and other boat emergency equipment on board.

How to Help Prevent Your Boat from Sinking

Boats can sink for many reasons, including improper maintenance, weather and more. Learn how to help prevent it.

How to Help Prepare Your Boat for Spring

Help prepare your boat for spring with pre-launch inspection and maintenance tips.

How to Help Trailer, Tow and Launch Your Boat Safely

Carefully trailering and towing your boat and following the right steps for launching a boat from a trailer can help keep you and your boat safe.

Three of the Most Dangerous Boating Conditions

While spending time near water or on a boat can be enjoyable, some dangerous conditions can exist if you are not properly equipped and prepared to deal with them.

What Should I Do if My Boat is Damaged?

A damaged boat can be frustrating and costly. Learn what to do in the event of boat damage to help ensure passenger safety and more with these tips.