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Insights on Risk for Medical Technology, Pharmaceuticals and Digital Health

Travelers understands the life sciences industry and how important it is to protect it. Our years of experience working with medical technology and digital health companies, combined with our increased focus on the pharmaceutical sector, gives us a unique outlook. We understand the risks facing life sciences companies today, and are prepared for what’s next in this exciting industry, offering industry-specific coverages, products and insights.

Like Science Fiction

Innovation in life sciences happens quickly, and companies in this space need an insurer that understands the risks they face and offers the right coverages to help protect them. For more than 35 years Travelers has stayed in-step with the evolving needs of this growing sector.

Life Sciences Resources

Risks Facing Pharmaceutical Companies, from Trials to Commercialization

As pharmaceutical companies grow and transition to commercial production operations, they can address the risks they face with planning and insurance coverage.

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Life Sciences Resources

Managing Cyber Risk for Life Sciences Companies

Life sciences companies are a growing target for cybercriminals. Learn how to prevent an attack and protect your interests.

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Life Sciences Resources

From Research to Revenue: Managing the Pharmaceutical Transition

Learn the challenges our Life Sciences Practice Lead has seen pharma businesses face as they transition from clinical trials to commercialization including scaling manufacturing, off-label concerns, risks of AI.

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Medical Technology, Digital Health and Pharmaceutical Companies

Medical technology, digital health and pharmaceutical companies are on the cutting edge of progress, science and innovation – which is why properly insuring, across the entire life cycle, is crucial.

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