From Research to Revenue: Managing the Pharmaceutical Transition

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In the Know with Jennifer Ampulski - Life Sciences Practice Lead, Travelers

While bringing a new drug to market is exciting, it is also a journey paved with potential risks. As you scale into production, consider off-label use and navigate the potential perils of artificial intelligence, the exposures add up.

Jennifer Ampulski, Travelers Life Sciences Practice Lead, is a life sciences industry expert with invaluable experience to share. Hear firsthand in her In the Know series, the challenges she’s seen pharma businesses face as they transition from clinical trials to commercialization.

Episode 1: Scaling Manufacturing

Patient injury, shipment issues, workers compensation, drug contamination — discover some of the liabilities you may encounter as you journey from FDA approval to market.

Episode 2: Off-Label Concerns

If doctors prescribe your drug for conditions you didn’t anticipate, then what? Jennifer explains how you can help protect your business from some of the common risks of off-label use.  

Episode 3: The Risks of AI

Cyberattacks could corrupt data or create false information. Learn how to navigate the potential impacts of artificial intelligence on pharmaceutical commercialization.

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Expanding Risks for Pharmaceutical Companies

Download our whitepaper to learn about the expanding risk landscape for emerging pharmaceutical companies and tips to help keep yours on track.

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