The Future of Semiconductors Promises to Be a Period of Growth, Risk and Opportunity

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The centrality of semiconductors to the world economy today presents a story of technological progress driving down the cost of chipmaking, yet it's also a story of complex supply chains that pose potential vulnerabilities. As the world’s reliance on digital technology accelerates, the role of semiconductors becomes increasingly critical. For example, the ongoing proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) applications depends on a steady supply of advanced logic chips.

Geopolitical tensions pose significant threats to the global semiconductor supply chain, with potential ramifications for the technology and life sciences industries, global economy, and national security.

In this dynamic environment, adaptability is paramount for companies to navigate the evolving landscape and seize opportunities while mitigating risks.

Geopolitical Risks and Their Impact on the Semiconductor Industry

Insights about how geopolitical competition presents major implications for semiconductor manufacturers.

Chris Miller, Associate Professor of International History at The Fletcher School, Tufts University, and author of Chip War

The Future of the Semiconductor Industry

Insights about how advancing semiconductor technologies promise more powerful, efficient and innovative processors but also increasing challenges and risks.

Richard Gu, Vice President of Investor Relations at Cadence Design Systems

The Risk Implications Are Challenging

Insights about how companies must adapt to new risks and opportunities as the semiconductor industry evolves.

Amanda Bohn, Chief Underwriting Officer Technology & Life Sciences at Travelers

Decoding the Future of Semiconductors: Emerging Trends, Risks, and Opportunities

Advancing technologies promise more powerful, efficient, and innovative processors and devices, but also introduce new challenges and risks. Manufacturing semiconductors involves complex supply chains stretching from Europe and the United States to Japan and Taiwan. As global reliance on digital technology accelerates, the role of semiconductors becomes increasingly important for sophisticated electronics, medical devices, artificial intelligence, and more.

Watch the webinar replay and gain valuable insights from industry experts on the latest advancements, challenges and geopolitical dynamics shaping the future of the semiconductor industry.

As the industry evolves, technology and life sciences companies seeking to mitigate semiconductor supply chain risk must consider and address a range of geopolitical, operational and technological risks. Adopting forward-thinking risk management strategies, such as diversifying supply chains, implementing contingency plans and establishing robust quality control programs, are crucial measures to help mitigate potential disruptions and ensure business continuity.

Navigate to these timestamps in the full webinar below:

  • Thesis of the book Chip War (06:33)
  • The global semiconductor supply chain (09:12)
  • Recent chip shortages and inventories (11:43)
  • Geopolitical nature of production in Taiwan (13:32)
  • The implications if conflicts escalate (21:09)
  • What policy makers are doing to prepare for challenges (24:56)
  • How leaders in the semiconductor industry can prepare (28:17)
  • The current state of semiconductor technology (32:07)
  • The opportunities and the challenges (35:55)
  • How semiconductors impact life sciences (40:07)

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