Proper protection for your new art investment

Whether you've just acquired your first piece of art or an addition to your collection, proper care will help ensure the enjoyment of the work for years � and perhaps generations � to come. Here are some tips you should consider:

  • Prepare your piece for its journey home. No matter how far away the destination - across town, across country or overseas - it is important to have protection from the dings, dirt and grime of the journey.
  • Ask the gallerist or artist if there are any special care recommendations. They will be most familiar with any nuances of the work.
  • Be sure to hang or mount it securely with hardware designed for the job. Installation hardware such as hooks, brackets and hoops are available from most hardware stores or from specialty retailers. If you are unsure about what you need, the Web has great resources for do-it-yourself art installation.
  • Review the security at the location where the art is going to be displayed. Some things to consider: Do you need to install or upgrade the alarm systems? Are the door locks in good working order, and have you accounted for all keys? If there is public access to the space, such as an office, is there any way to limit access to the art?
  • Carefully consider where the work will be displayed and what sources of light will be present. Unless otherwise designed, keep all works of art out of direct sunlight. Works on paper, textiles and paintings are more susceptible to damage from UV radiation.
  • Contact your insurance agent to confirm that your policy includes coverage for works of art. If the value of your collection is significant, you should consider scheduling it with stated values.
  • Keep all purchase records and provenance material in a safe place separate from the work. These could be invaluable in the future for many reasons including insurance claims, tax and estate planning and future sale.

Art is just one of the many things you care about. Contact Travelers Inland Marine for more information on how our products and services can help protect what is important to you.

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