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Webinar Schedule

Public Webinar Schedule

Noise 3 - Listen Up: Controlling Your Noise Exposures

Attend our webinar and listen to our specialists discuss approaches to help reduce employees’ noise exposure with engineering controls, administrative controls and through the use of personal protective equipment. Topics include:

  • Noise Controls: low vs. high frequency; barriers and enclosures
  • Administrative Controls: employee rotation; distance adjustments
  • Hearing Protection: types; noise reduction rating (NRR) calculations

Register now: July 27, 2015 at 11:00 AM EDT

Customer Webinar Schedule

Below is a schedule of our upcoming Webinars for customers only. CUSTOMERS: Log in here to go directly to the Risk Control Customer Webinar Schedule to register for the Webinars listed below.

DQT - Removing Roadblocks to Driver Safety - May 12, 2015

A variety of factors can have an impact on how drivers drive. Work schedules, routes and other job demands can cause drivers to be less safe. Operational policies and procedures can distract drivers from meeting safety expectations. Even a driver’s health can impact on-the-job safety. Are these influences putting up roadblocks that could be getting in the way of safety?

Knowing your drivers and the challenges they face can help you identify ways to help them become safer. Join us for our 30-minute Driver Management Quick Tips Webinar to explore:

  • Why it’s important to know the challenges your drivers face. 
  •  The potential impact schedules, workload, routing and other factors can have on safety.
  • Strategies for helping make driving safer for your employees.

Using a Transitional Duty Task Bank to Enhance Your Overall Return-to-Work Strategy - May 18, 2015

Accommodating medical restrictions is critical to a successful return-to-work strategy. A transitional duty task bank can help you manage medical restrictions so that injured employees can heal on the job and remain a productive part of your workforce.

During this webinar, we will discuss how to evaluate your current transitional duty practices, develop and implement a transitional duty task bank, and find injury management resources on the Travelers Risk Control Customer Portal.

Helping Avoid Heat Stress for Oil and Gas Workers - May 28, 2015

Each year, heat-related illnesses impact the Oil and Gas industry physically and financially. Between 2008-2014 federal and state OSHA administrations reported 108 fatalities for all industries nationwide. With the Oil and Gas industry's implementation of Flame Resistant Clothing, workers, now more than ever, need to be trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of heat illness and how they can protect themselves.

This webinar will cover topics employees should know when working in hot environments. We will discuss the following:

  • What is Heat Stress?
  • How the Body Overheats
  • Warning Signs and Symptoms
  • Prevention
  • Treatment

Risk Control Website: Safety Resources 24/7 - June 3, 2015

As a registered customer of the Travelers Risk Control Customer Portal, we'd like to show you just how much information is available with the simple click of your mouse. Join us for a website tour and learn how to:

  • Register for complimentary training and education
  • Find tools and documents for your business needs

Access 1,000+ technical bulletins, guides and checklists

Customers can find more Webinar titles when logged into the Risk Control Customer Portal in the Education Center

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