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Below is a schedule of our upcoming Webinars for customers only. CUSTOMERS: Log in here to go directly to the Risk Control Customer Webinar Schedule to register for the Webinars listed below.

Driver Management Quick Tips: A Crash Course in Crash Prevention - September 8, 2015

Vehicle crashes are rarely the result of a single factor. Understanding how multiple factors come together to create the right conditions for a crash can help make driving safer for you and your employees.

There is an old saying: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” For vehicle accidents, the “ounce of prevention” starts by understanding why vehicle accidents happen so you can get the most benefit from your prevention efforts.

Join us for our 30-minute Driver Management Quick Tips webinar to learn about:

  • The crash trifecta approach to understanding crash causation
  • How unsafe driving behaviors, momentary inattention and unexpected events collide to create the perfect storm that can lead to crashes
  • Strategies to help you prevent the cycle of events that can lead to crashes

Elements of a Successful Short Service Employee (SSE) Program for the Oil & Gas Industry - September 10, 2015

During 2003-2013, the U.S. oil and gas extraction industry experienced unprecedented growth, doubling the size of its workforce and increasing the number of drilling rigs by 71%*.

This boom created an increase in work activities and a demand for skilled workers.

To solve the challenge of finding enough qualified workers, many companies have turned to promoting existing employees who may not have all of the required qualifications. While this may seem like a quick fix that supports growth by allowing for more entry level hiring (e.g. rig hands, laborers, etc.), inexperienced or unqualified employees can be an accident waiting to happen. Having a successful Short Service Employee (SSE) Program in place can help these employees to understand the potential hazards and risks of their jobs, and receive the necessary mentoring and coaching from their employers.

Our speakers will discuss some of the items companies need to consider when developing an SSE Program, including:

  • What is a Short Service Employee?
  • Employee/Employer Responsibilities
  • SSE Mentorships
  • Proper Training
  • Monitoring and SSE Evaluation

* Bureau of Labor Statistics (2014)

Crane Series #4: Helping to Improve Crane Operations Through Education – Assessing Your Crane Management Program - September 14, 2015

In the fourth webinar of our four-part series on cranes, our specialists will review some of the key elements that should be addressed as part of a contractor’s crane management program for mobile and tower cranes.

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