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Public Webinar Schedule

Check back soon for future scheduled public webinars.

Customer Webinar Schedule

Below is a schedule of our upcoming Webinars for customers only. CUSTOMERS: Log in here to go directly to the Risk Control Customer Webinar Schedule to register for the Webinars listed below.

Driver Management Quick Tips: Can Technology Make Your Fleet Safer? - December 3, 2015

The range of technologies available today to help fleets operate more safely is growing fast. For business owners and fleet managers, deciding whether to invest in this technology and how to use it effectively is becoming an important question.

Whether you want to help make your existing fleet safer or you are looking to purchase safer vehicles in the future, there are a range of crash avoidance and driver management technologies to consider that can:

  • Help you understand in real-time if drivers are driving safely.
  • Warn drivers if they are following too closely, drifting out of their lane or have an obstacle in their blind spot.
  • Help drivers avoid dangerous situations that can lead to rollovers and rear-end crashes.

Join us for our 30-minute Driver Management Quick Tips Webinar to explore these technologies and learn how you can use them to help improve the safety of your fleet.

REACT: Accident Analysis - December 8, 2015

When an accident happens, it's important for you to respond quickly and efficiently – and to ensure that a similar accident doesn't happen in the future. To help you effectively investigate and analyze a work-related accident, Travelers Risk Control has created a 90-minute Webinar called REACT – Respond, Evaluate and ACT. Topics included:

  • Responding to an injured employee and implementing the accident analysis process.
  • Gathering information to uncover the root cause(s) of the accident.
  • Developing corrective action plans to prevent similar accidents.

Using Stretching and Warm-ups in the Workplace - December 9, 2015

Are your employees properly applying stretching techniques in the workplace?

More and more, companies are including stretching exercises as part of their ergonomics programs. Attend our webinar and listen to our specialists discuss the key differences between stretching and warming up in the workplace, and how you can use each as part of your ergonomics program. Topics include:

  • Understanding the difference between stretching and warming up
  • Learning about the pros and cons of each method
  • Reviewing examples of stretching and warm-up exercises

Travelers Workforce Advantage: Attracting and hiring - February 11, 2016

Who are you hiring? What are the chances that your next hire will have an accident within the first year of employment?

Travelers research shows that 28% of new hires are injured within the first year of employment. This webinar will focus on best practices that your organization can implement to help you attract and hire safer and qualified candidates, and minimize the chances of them being injured on the job in their first year of employment. Topics include:

  • Describe how job descriptions, Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and safety-based behavioral interviews are important to attracting and hiring safer and qualified candidates.
  • Describe the hiring best practices that can help reduce workplace injuries and potential claim costs.
  • Assess your hiring process to ensure you are following best practices.


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