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Public sector insurance services — Law enforcement liability insurance

Coverage for bodily injury, personal injury or property damage that results from law enforcement activities or operations and is caused by a wrongful act while conducting those activities or operations.

Law enforcement activities or operations mean any of the official activities or operations of your police department, sheriff agency or other public safety organization that enforces the law and protects persons or property.

Key coverage features

  • "Pay on behalf of" basis
  • Coverage for all authorized activities or operations (includes moonlighting if approved by law enforcement agency)
  • Coverage for violation of civil rights under any federal, state or local law
  • $25,000 additional payment per policy period for personal property of others in your care, custody and control at time of arrest
  • First-aid/emergency medical services liability
  • Professional and premises coverage for jail operations
  • Automatic coverage for owned and non-owned watercraft
  • Coverage for liability assumed under mutual law enforcement assistance agreements
  • Defense for claims or suits alleging criminal, malicious, dishonest, or fraudulent conduct until determination of such conduct in a legal proceeding
  • Coverage for the entity and its employees' participation on joint task forces
  • Defense expenses are paid outside/in addition to the limits of coverage
  • No intentional acts exclusion
  • Coverage for pure mental anguish

Optional features/coverages

  • Occurrence and claims-made forms are available
  • Umbrella excess protection

Risk control services

  • One-day law enforcement liability seminars designed for field personnel and the management staff
  • Model Law Enforcement and Jail Policies and Procedures — review sample policies and procedures for law enforcement agencies and jail operations
  • On-site consultations on jail operations and facilities

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