What's at stake?

What’s at stake? What’s at stake?

Cyber events can have a significant impact on your customers, your employees and your bottom line.

Think it can never happen to your business ... consider these events:

  • Your employee accidentally - or deliberately - sends an email containing private customer information
  • An employee laptop or smartphone containing private customer information is lost or stolen during travel
  • A credit card company calls to inform you that credit cards used at your business where compromised through your point of sale system
  • A hacker gains unauthorized access to your network and steals private customer and employee information

What would a cyber event cost your company ... consider these expenses that could result from a data breach or attack:

  • Forensics and investigations
  • Victim notifications
  • Retrieval or restoration of data
  • Crisis management
  • Public relations
  • Lawsuits
  • Loss of customers

Businesses and organizations of all sizes at risk for a cyber attack or data breach. Even the most sophisticated systems have vulnerabilities and the human element of lost laptops, misplacing a paper file or opening an email attachment can affect your company. As no system is fool proof there is a need for cyber insurance to cover expenses associated with a breach. Travelers offers cyber insurance solutions that provide coverage and resources to help your business address the potentially devastating impacts of a variety of cyber events.

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