Bridge the Generational Divide in Your Workplace

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Generational tensions in the workplace, particularly around safety concerns, can lead to misunderstandings, conflicts and even increased employee activism. By recognizing the signs of generational tension, employers can foster a more inclusive and productive environment.

Travelers and Constitution State Services explored this topic with an expert in generational tensions, Dr. Michael North, Associate Professor at the New York University Stern School of Business, and Eric Belk, retired Assistant Vice President of Workers Compensation Product at Travelers and CSS, where he led many of the company’s workers compensation product development efforts.

Insight #1

Solutions for a multigenerational workforce

Valuable insights from Michael North, Assistant Professor of Management & Organizations at the Stern School of Business, New York University. 

Insight #2

Why gig work appeals to younger generations

Valuable insights from Eric Belk, (retired) Assistant Vice President, Business Insurance - Workers Compensation Product at Travelers.

Insight #3

Safety concerns and younger workers

Valuable insights from Eric S. Belk, (retired) Assistant Vice President, Business Insurance - Workers Compensation Product at Travelers.

Watch the full replay: Could generational workplace tension undermine workers compensation stability?

This webinar explores the growing issue of generational tension in the workplace. By understanding how different generations view work and interact with each other, employers can create a more harmonious and productive environment.

Watch and learn about:

  • What’s trending in proposed workers compensation legislation.
  • How generational differences can lead to increased workplace tension and activism, especially safety-related.
  • How to recognize signs of generational tensions in the workplace and strategies for addressing them.
  • How employers’ awareness of generational tensions can help reduce misunderstandings, conflicts and biases in the workplace.

Navigate to these timestamps in the full webinar below:

  • Why gig work can be appealing (11:26)
  • Sources of generational tension (15:26)
  • Today’s tensions might be worse (16:14)
  • Importance of knowledge sharing (19:04)
  • Safety concerns (23:27)
  • Healthy workers compensation environment (31:24)
  • Challenges to a healthy system (37:44)
  • Engaging with regulators (43:48)
  • Solutions (46:52)
  • Examples (55:36)

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