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5 Smart Home Automation Safety Tips

Home automation technology is on the rise, and with it, a number of new security and safety concerns.

6 Essential Travel Tips

Planning a vacation? These travel safety tips, from knowing your surroundings to keeping copies of your ID, can help you have a fun and safe trip.

9 Home Security Tips

Wondering how to secure your home and prevent home break ins? Get tips on protecting your home from theft with simple security steps.

9 Home Security Tips [Infographic]

Adding special lighting and setting a safety routine are 2 ways to help keep your home secure. Help keep your home safe with this home security infographic.

Generator Safety

Using a generator for emergency power? Help keep your home safe with portable generator safety information.

Grilling Safety Tips

Planning on grilling? Help protect yourself from potential grilling dangers with grilling safety tips.

Halloween Safety Tips

Prepare your home and decorate safely for Halloween with these safety tips.

Holiday Decorating Safety

From candle safety to electrical light safety, read this holiday decorating safety guide to help avoid injury or fire.

Home Solar Panel Installation Tips

Utilizing solar energy has become increasingly attractive to homeowners seeking environmentally and economically sustainable ways to power their homes.

How Smart Thermostats Can Help Protect Your Home

Considering buying a smart thermostat for your home? Learn how smart thermostats work, and get tips for operating a home smart thermostat.

How to Help Prevent Heat Stroke

Stay cool and hydrated this summer to help prevent heat stroke. Learn how to prevent heat exhaustion and other heat injury.

How Water Sensors Can Help Prevent Costly Water Damage

Learn how water sensors work and where to place them in your home with these tips.

Preparing Your Home for Vacation

Protect your home from theft and damage while you are away on vacation.

Smart Home Technology in Fire Prevention and Detection

The advancement of smart home technology has brought new ways to help prevent fires in your home.

Snowbirds: Winterize Your Home While You're Away

These snowbird home winterization tips can help prevent damage and theft on your property while you are away for the winter.

Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Swimming pool safety should be top of mind for anyone owning or using a pool. Keep yourself and your family safe with pool safety tips.

Three-Minute Home Security Checklist

Follow this quick 3-minute home security checklist before you leave your house each day to help prevent break-ins.

Tips to Help Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Knowing how to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning can help keep your family safe.

Top Five Dangers to Your House

Water damage, roof damage, frozen pipes, theft and fire are some common risks facing homeowners. Learn how to help make your home less risky.

What Is a Smart Alarm System and Why Should I Consider One?

Smart alarm technology allows new ways to help protect your home. Learn about benefits and challenges of smart alarm systems.

Yard Safety

Backyard activities, such as swimming in a pool and grilling, have their own set of risks. Help prevent accidents with this yard safety guide.