Environment and Sustainability

Environment and Sustainability

Responding with Sustainable Solutions

Leadership to meet customers' evolving needs

Travelers is one of the largest providers of property casualty insurance products in the United States. Our success is built upon our protection strategies tailored to our customers' needs. We are continually monitoring, anticipating and reacting to changing climate conditions across all of our operations.

Across all aspects of our business and through public policy initiatives, Travelers promotes responsible environmental practices that seek to reduce our carbon footprint and build resilient communities. These practices extend to the work we do with our customers in helping them mitigate risks associated with changing climate conditions.

At the highest level, the Risk Committee of the Board of Directors of the company assists the Board in overseeing the operational activities of the company and identifying and reviewing those risks that could have a material impact on the company. Numerous management groups and committees, including the Catastrophe Strategy and Analysis group, the Enterprise Risk Committee, the Emerging Issues Committee and the Climate, Energy and the Environment Committee (CEEC), are integrated into the business and advise the Board of Directors and the Board’s Risk Committee with respect to matters pertaining to climate and environmental risk.

Recent highlights:
Travelers partners with Habitat for Humanity® and IBHS to construct affordable, fortified homes in coastal areas



Company Reports and Recognition

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  • Member of the 2017 Dow Jones Sustainability Index
  • Member of the 2017 FSTE4Good Index

Environmental Stewardship

Travelers demonstrates our commitment to sustainability through initiatives including:

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