Innovative Coverage for Office and Industrial Real Estate Portfolios

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Today's real estate markets presents new opportunities and new risks.Travelers has the size and financial strength to scale with you in this evolving landscape.With a long history of helping property owners and managers protect the value of their portfolios, we offer a broad range of coverages specifically designed to help address the industry's unique risks. 

Our industry expertise, local service and countrywide operations can help you contain costs and reduce disruptions to your business in three key areas:  

  • Day-to-day operations 

  • Catastrophe response 

  • Emerging risks 

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Day-to-day operations

Manage your daily expenses across any building type by implementing smart commercial real estate insurance coverage and preventive measures to help protect your properties and your tenants.

  • General liability Xtend Endorsement® for service industries bundles 16 coverage extensions that real estate businesses find useful: Broad Named Insured Wording, which automatically includes entities in which you have majority ownership interest. Reasonable Force - Bodily Injury or Property Damage covers unexpected damage from reasonable force to protect any person or property. 

  • Property insurance Includes Ordinance & Law to cover losses resulting from the enforcement of laws or ordinances related to construction or repairs of buildings. 

  • Commercial automobile coverage which protects your business, including from liability caused by an employee using a personal vehicle for business purposes. 

  • Umbrella insurance provides additional coverage to your general liability and commercial automobile policies to protect your asset. 

  • Workers compensation includes access to Travelers Medical Advantage® our integrated medical management capabilities built on innovation, talent and expertise, data and analytics, and loss prevention helps prevent losses, mitigate medical costs, and deliver optimal outcomes. 

  • Additional coveragesinclude Builders' Risk for renovation and construction projects, Directors & Officers to protect management teams and Equipment Breakdown for the repair or replacement of key equipment. 

Responding to catastrophe

Having the right commercial real estate insurance coverage during a natural disaster or other catastrophe can help you get your tenants back in their spaces sooner.

  • Business Income Rental Value coverage will pay for continuing expenses and loss of income from your rental properties, in the event of a covered loss. 

  • Utility Services coverage protects your business from loss resulting from lack of electricity caused by damage from a covered cause at a utility generating station or other property away from your premises.

  • Contingent Buildingcoverage protects your building should your leased tenants fail to provide adequate property insurance. 

  • Tenant Movement Expenses covers the cost to move tenants back into a building after repairs have been completed. 

Emerging risks

Innovative commercial real estate insurance coverage for emerging risks from Travelers can help you navigate through new exposures, so you can concentrate on growth.

  • Travelers CyberRisk coverage is available for organizations of all sizes.Offered as a standalone policy or as part of a suite of other management liability coverages, CyberRisk provides a combination of coverage options to help protect your business.Our coverage includes access to the Travelers eRiskHub®powered by NetDiligence® an information portal that includes reference material, news updates and other tools that may be helpful in avoiding a breach.
  • Green Building coverage will pay to recertify and rebuild to green standards if there is a covered loss to one of your properties. Our account executives can also help you evaluate the potential risks of adding green technology, such as solar panels.
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Solutions for small businesses

Travelers offers small business solutions to help you protect and grow your business.


Insights to help you manage risks at work and on the road

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