Small Business Risk Education

Empowering women and minorities for small business success

The Travelers Small Business Risk Education (SBRE) program provides safety risk management education for minority- and women-owned small businesses. Travelers has partnered with nonprofit organizations in Los Angeles, California, Chicago, Illinois, New York City and Atlanta, Georgia to deliver the following three-part program.

  • Insurance and Risk Management Workshops:  Travelers Risk Control consultants provide free training sessions for small business owners to help them understand basic, safety risk management concepts.
  • One-on-One Consultation:  Business owners who attend a workshop move on to develop a safety-related risk management plan in a personalized, one-on-one consultation with Travelers Risk Control professionals.  Participants are asked to present completed risk plans within a six-week timeframe.
  • Microloans:  Businesses that complete a risk management plan are eligible to apply for a microloan, funded and administered by nonprofit partners, which would provide funds to support implementation of the risk management plan.


SBRE small business ownerTravelers believes safety risk management and business continuity are important skills that are too often overlooked in business education programs.  According to the Travelers Business Risk index, only 30 percent of small business owners have a plan in place to help stem loss from recognized risks to their storefronts.

Amid the daily challenges of running a business, it is all too easy for business owners to neglect the risks around them, or the importance of adequate coverage. A broad understanding of the safety risk management can help small business owners sustain and grow their business, even after catastrophic events, and become a competitive advantage.

SBRE classAt the time the program was launched in 2012, the company sought the expertise of a measurement consulting firm to build a methodology for collecting short- and long-term data to measure the program’s progress. These metrics drive oversight and accountability and enable the company to make thoughtful adjustments to build an even more effective program. Since the program’s inception, more than 1,200 small business participants have attended safety risk management workshops. The program has seen a 30 percent increase in participation each of the last two years, and is on track to increase participation by 30 percent again in 2018.

Travelers SBRE program partners with some of the most accomplished small business development not-for-profit organizations are microlenders in the country, including:


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