Travelers IntelliDrive® Program

  1. WHAT IS IT?

IntelliDrive is better than ever

As an IntelliDrive customer, you can save money while gaining extra peace of mind. Getting started takes minutes and your first benefit starts as soon as you sign up!

There are two ways to save with IntelliDrive:

  • Simply by signing up. When you sign up for IntelliDrive, you can receive an immediate discount off of your first term vehicle premium
  • By driving less. When your policy renews, you could save on each of your low mileage vehicles. With our graduated low mileage discount, the less you drive, the more you can save!
State Sign On Discount Low Mileage Discount Annual Low
Mileage Threshold
AL, CT, IN, IL, ME, OH, OR, VA Up to 10% Up to 30% Under 13,000 miles

Offering extra peace of mind

With IntelliDrive, information is collected about where and how your vehicle is being driven. This data is then sent to a secure website for you to see.

As a parent, this information can be invaluable as you teach your teen to be a safe driver. IntelliDrive enables you to set the safe driving rules in your household and view the actual driving patterns with the vehicle. You can also sign up for email or text alerts to know when the vehicle is driven outside of your safe driving guidelines.

How does IntelliDrive actually work?

Once you become an IntelliDrive customer, you will receive a small device in the mail for every vehicle you enroll in the program.

Getting started is easy.

  1. Register each device on the IntelliDrive website according to the instructions in the box.
  2. Plug the device into the diagnostic port under your car's dashboard.
  3. Wait 1-2 minutes before starting your vehicle. It's that simple. The device will configure in a few minutes and you will be up and running.

How do I get the savings?

In addition to the sign on discount which you can get simply for signing up for IntelliDrive, the device tracks your mileage towards a potential low mileage discount that would be applied when the policy renews.

How do I get the extra peace of mind?

IntelliDrive not only tracks mileage, it tracks how and where your car is being driven so that you can better understand and improve driving behavior. You can then access this data through a secure website.

Information includes:

  • Where the car is driven and the time of day
  • Average speed
  • Braking and acceleration

As a parent, you can use this information to facilitate safe driving conversations with your teen and help your teen become a more responsible, confident driver.

Intellidrive Computer

How can IntelliDrive provide extra peace of mind?

Parents play an important role in teaching teens how to drive safely and in helping them to develop confidence behind the wheel. As your teen gains experience, responsible driving behavior needs to be an ongoing conversation. IntelliDrive can help.

You and your teen can review the information that Intellidrive captures to help them understand their own driving behavior, set goals and track progress. As parents, it can be reassuring to know that good driving behaviors are being reinforced, even when you aren't with them.

Educational features:

  • Secure website to view driving data and history
  • Email and text alerts for you and your young driver
  • GPS-based driving zones to know where your car is driven
  • Coaching tips to improve driving skills

For teens and young drivers, it can help:

  • Build safe driving skills
  • Keep the car in better working order
  • Understand what driving techniques are done well and which can be improved
  • Set goals, show progress and earn driving privileges
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IntelliDrive Program discounts are applied at the vehicle premium level and do not apply to all coverages or vehicles. The low mileage discount is based on average miles driven derived from collected mileage data. Reporting capabilities may vary based on vehicle year, make and model and are subject to cellular network coverages. Not all features available in all areas or for all vehicles. Coverages and discounts are subject to individual eligibility, availability and vehicle compatibility. Terms and conditions apply. Individual savings may vary and are not guaranteed. All data collected is used in aggregate for research purposes. Mileage data is used to rate policies. IntelliDrive is available in AL, CT, IN, IL, OH, OR, ME, VA.

The device easily plugs into most vehicles. It's as easy as starting your car.

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Parent-Teen Driver Contract

Teen-Driver Contract

Responsible driving behavior needs to be an ongoing conversation with your teen, starting with this contract.