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Pumpjacks line up on dry flatlands against a pastel-colored big sky.

Oil and gas industry resources

Oil & Gas Resources

5 Challenges Facing the Oil and Gas Industry

From navigating price volatility to addressing labor shortages, oil and gas companies are operating in a challenging environment.

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Oil & Gas Resources

Planning for an Oil and Gas Well Control Emergency

Operators within the oil and gas industry manage numerous risks, including a well control event. Learn about the ways to plan for and mitigate the risks of an oil and gas well control emergency.

Planning well control emergency.

Oil & Gas Resources

5 Strategies for Hiring and Retaining Workers in the Oil and Gas Industry

Learn how oil and gas companies can address labor shortages by implementing more effective hiring and retention strategies.

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Oil & Gas Resources

Managing the Risks of Hiring Oil and Gas Subcontractors for Materials Hauling

Taking measures to effectively manage risks when hiring oil and gas subcontractors can help operators safely and efficiently transport equipment and materials.

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Oil & Gas Resources

Digital Transformation and Emerging Trends in Oil and Gas Operations

Emerging trends in the oil and gas industry can enhance companies’ safety and efficiency while drilling and moving oil through the world’s pipelines. Learn more.

Two engineers working at an oil and gas factory, looking at a pipeline and pump.

Oil & Gas Resources

Managing Oil and Gas Risk with Contractual Risk Transfer

Having a comprehensive contractual risk transfer (CRT) program can be a critical component in managing risks in the oil and gas industry.

Oil and gas worker handling equipment.

Oil & Gas Resources

Safety Tips to Help Protect New Oil and Gas Workers on the Job

Having well-documented policies can help companies safely and efficiently onboard employees.

Oil and gas worker training new employee.

Oil & Gas Resources

3 Key Ways to Protect Oil and Gas Operations from Pollution Risks

The impact of pollution losses from an oil spill or gas leak can be damaging to a company's reputation.

Oil and gas pipelines.