2016 Consumer Risk Key Findings and Charts

A high number of consumers (56 percent) worry that the world is becoming a riskier place, according to the 2016 Travelers Risk Index. Cyber threats, including identity theft and personal privacy loss, worry 55 percent of consumers. A majority of consumers (61 percent) worry that severe damaging weather events are becoming more frequent. More than one in four consumers also cited concerns about having the right skills to meet changing workforce needs as a top concern. Learn more about consumer concerns.

The perceived change in risk is close to that of 2015; older Americans are more inclined to feel their world is becoming more risky:

Older Americans Consumer Risk ChartOlder Americans Consumer Risk Chart

As in prior years, financial concerns top the list of general risks, with personal safety concerns and risks taking second place in 2016:

Top Consumer Concerns ChartTop Consumer Concerns Chart

Emerging risks over the next five years:

Consumer Emerging Risks ChartConsumer Emerging Risks Chart

Concern about distracted driving shows a steady rise from 2013, with nearly six in 10 considering this a major concern in 2016:

Consumer Concerns Distracted Driving ChartConsumer Concerns Distracted Driving Chart

Americans worry most about the risk of other drivers’ distractions from mobile devices–more than their own distraction as a driver or pedestrian distractions:

Consumer Concerns distracted driving from mobile devices chartConsumer Concerns distracted driving from mobile devices chart

About half of Americans feel it is at least somewhat risky to use a cellphone or smartphone while walking; again, the perceived risk increases with age:

Consumer Concerns Distracted WalkingConsumer Concerns Distracted Walking

In 2016, a majority of consumers continue to feel that severe damaging weather is becoming more frequent across the U.S.; fewer feel this way for their local areas:

Consumer weather concern chartConsumer weather concern chart

The most commonly taken risk prevention measures for home and property are installing carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and annual car safety checks:

Consumer risk prevention chartConsumer risk prevention chart

Somewhat more than half of decision makers evaluate their insurance needs at least once a year; renters tend to evaluate their needs more often than homeowners:

Consumer decision makers chartConsumer decision makers chart
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