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4 Tips to Help You Stay Safe During a Natural Disaster

Learn what to do in a natural disaster to help stay safe, including staying in your sheltered area until danger has completely passed.

5 Steps to Create a Home Inventory Checklist

Create a home inventory checklist to keep track of your important possessions in order to help verify loss for insurance and taxes.

7 Steps to Prepare an Emergency Evacuation Plan

Learn about emergency evacuation planning and how to create an emergency evacuation plan for your family.

8 Disaster Preparedness Tips

Disaster preparedness before a storm can help when a disaster is approaching. Learn how you can prepare for disaster.

Disaster Planning Guide

Preparing for a disaster? Create a safety plan, home inventory, survival kit and more disaster preparedness tips.

How to Build an Emergency Survival Kit

Creating an emergency preparedness kit can ready you for when disaster strikes. Use our emergency survival kit list to create yours.

Natural Disaster Recovery Plan

Knowing how to recover after a disaster can help minimize damage after a storm and get you back on your feet. Get disaster recovery tips.

Preparedness Kit Quiz

A well-assembled emergency preparedness kit can make a big difference when disaster strikes. Use this interactive quiz to put your survival kit together.