Product Safety and Liability

A quality control engineer inspects steel pipe material for production on shelf rack at factory warehouse.

The product safety and liability specialists at Travelers know that manufacturers and other companies that provide services face unique challenges. Legal responsibilities add to the pressure of doing business in a competitive and transitioning global marketplace.

Our People Make the Difference

Our specialists have varied backgrounds and areas of expertise, including an in-depth understanding of manufacturing and non-manufacturing exposures. We want to help you maximize your ability to defend claims and to mitigate your overall loss costs.

Product Safety and Liability

Our policyholders produce and distribute many products. Some products are particularly subject to claims. We base our approach to product safety on the Product Life Cycle concept. While each product's life cycle will vary, the entire process, from conception to disposal, must be examined. A "sliding scale of criticality," reflective of a combination of hazard factors, can influence the need for, and importance of, various controls.

Product Life Cycle Consulting

The Risk Control consultants at Travelers can help identify and reduce the potential for losses through product safety risk assessments. Our Product Life Cycle-based model includes assessments in the following areas:


  • Design
  • Management


  • Inspection
  • Packaging, handling and storage
  • Process control
  • Purchasing
  • Testing


  • Complaint handling
  • Disposal
  • Maintenance repair and service
  • Sales and marketing
  • Training
  • Transportation

We also consider: recordkeeping, remedial action, risk transfer, safety design characteristics, standards and regulations and third-party involvement.

Premises Safety

Ensuring that premises are safe for employees and customers is vital to a successful business. Slips, trips and falls can be serious for businesses, particularly to those with high levels of public traffic, such as retail and service industries. We have staff with special training and expertise in various aspects of premise safety that can assist in reviewing your loss experience or assessing your premises for physical conditions that may present hazards. At Travelers, we help you look for cost-effective ways to decrease these hazards.


Experience tells us that one size does not fit all in terms of risk factors and available controls. Whether in the area of Product Safety and Liability or in non-products General Liability, our specialists combine industry knowledge with your unique exposures and experience to make practical recommendations and propose solutions to help you reinforce your loss prevention programs.

Person checking product as part of product liability risk management.

5 Steps for Product Liability Risk Management

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