Business Risk Management

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Putting Data to Work: Risk Insights in 60 Seconds

Risk management informed by data can strengthen a company’s ability to make smart decisions, proactively address challenges — and unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation.

The Risk Factor, a series of short videos, offers data-driven insights to businesses seeking to shrink costs, control risk and reduce the frequency and severity of employee injuries. Get these insights and more from The Risk Factor.

Four Ways Data Can Help Manage Risks and Control Costs

Harnessing the power of data can be key to effectively managing business risks and controlling costs. Uncover four ways businesses can leverage data-driven strategies—including historical loss trends—to help achieve these goals.

Learn More About the Technology That Could Impact a Business's Loss  

How a Wholesaler Reduced Employee Injury Costs

In this episode, learn how data played a role in reducing a wholesale company’s claims, resulting in significant cost savings and fewer employee out-of-work days.

More Workers Compensation Solutions

Minimizing the Risk of Manufacturing Fires

Hot work fires in manufacturing plants and other industrial spaces may not only cause extensive damage to a structure, but may also pose a risk to lives, business operations and the equipment and inventory stored inside. Learn how Travelers’ risk expertise can help significantly reduce the risk of hot work fires.

Best Practices for Developing a Fire Safety Plan


1 Travelers Risk Control data, 12-month period; results may vary.

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