Inland Marine Specialized Coverages

If your equipment or property is damaged due to a covered cause of loss, the right coverage can help your operations stay on track. Travelers can provide coverage for a broad range of property including communication towers, bridges, computers, medical equipment, and sports and entertainment production equipment. 

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Computerized business equipment coverage 

Business technology is continually evolving and is a key exposure for almost every company in today’s modern economy. Our computerized business equipment insurance provides specialized coverage for a range of computerized equipment integrated with mechanical systems. 

Who is computerized business equipment insurance right for? 

  • Manufacturers 

  • Processors 

  • Wholesalers 

  • Retailers 

  • Financial institutions 

  • Educational institutions 

Communications coverage 

Radio, broadcasters, and telecommunication firms continue to grow at an exponential pace. Our communications coverages are designed for owners/operators of equipment and infrastructure operations. We can insure the towers, antennas, satellite dishes, head-end and mobile or portable equipment that facilitates the transmission, emission, or reception of signals, images, information or intelligence of any nature. 

Who is communication insurance right for? 

  • Radio/television broadcasters 

  • Broadband, cellular or wireless providers 

  • Government entities, including law enforcement and recreational parks 

  • Religious organizations 

  • Educational institutions that broadcast 

Miscellaneous property coverage 

Miscellaneous property coverage provides you with the flexibility to address a wide range of property that is fixed or mobile in nature. Typically, businesses use this coverage to protect hard to place items such as specialized camera and geo-mapping equipment, mobile scoreboards and amusement park rides.  

Who is miscellaneous property coverage right for? 

  • Sports organizations 

  • Theme park companies 

  • Theatre production companies 

Medical equipment coverage 

Medical technology has played a vital role in advancing and reshaping the healthcare field with innovations like 3D printing, surgical robots, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and virtual reality training tools. Our medical equipment coverage helps protect this type of fixed or mobile medical equipment in addition to the more common medical equipment such as MRI machines, ventilators and respiratory equipment. 

Who is medical equipment coverage right for? 

  • Hospitals 

  • Pharmaceutical companies 

  • Out-patient facilities 

  • Medical equipment leasing companies 

Fixed infrastructure assets such as dams, tunnels and bridges are vital assets within a community. We can also insure fixed assets that have comprehensive maintenance programs and meet current engineering standards. Working with local communities and municipalities, we can provide peace of mind in the event of a loss to these high-value assets. 



Our construction insurance products and services are designed to meet contractors’ unique and challenging exposures.

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