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Can your business pass the Cyber Risk Pressure Test?

If you do business online, communicate with customers or suppliers via email, or even just have computers connected to the internet, you may be exposed to the threat of a cyber attack. According to the 2015 Travelers Business Risk Index, more than half of businesses worry about cyber risks and data breaches. Whether it is stolen intellectual property from a manufacturer, or the theft of customer data from a retail giant, a data breach can impact a company’s brand, reputation and customer confidence. It can be financially devastating. Your business should begin to protect itself by establishing a comprehensive policy on cyber security that is supported by employee training, cyber risk assessment processes, network security and incident response planning.

Among the types of malicious attacks most worrisome to businesses:

  • 57 percent of respondents worry most about having their computers or data systems infected with a virus;
  • 51 percent worry someone could gain access to their banking accounts or financial control systems; and
  • 50 percent worry about a security breach or someone hacking into their computer systems.

The Travelers Prepare and Prevent website has a dedicated web page for cyber security and protecting your business. Some of the topics include:

You also can visit Risk Control’s Cyber Risk Management Portal. Simply log in to the Risk Control Customer Portal and click on Cyber Risk Management in the left-hand navigation bar. You will find information about:

  • Cyber Security Program Administration
  • Information Security
  • Network Security
  • Incident Prevention and Mitigation
  • Travelers Cyber Products
  • Take the cyber risk pressure test!

Cyber crime has become increasingly frequent, complex and costly. In the wake of an event, would you know who to call, how to react, or what to tell your employees, customers and media? Could your organization handle the potential financial and reputational impact of a lawsuit? What could your company be doing to better manage the risk? Take our four-part questionnaire to find out. Start the Cyber Risk Pressure Test.

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