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Travelers is a leading provider of commercial inland marine insurance products and solutions.

So what, exactly, is inland marine insurance?

It provides coverages to businesses for property that is mobile in nature or requires unique valuation that they own or have in their care. Many types of property are covered, including those related to construction, transportation, fine art and communications.

We have a strong focus on insuring risks associated with the unique needs of these specialized segments:

Our expertise doesn't stop there. We have a variety of additional offerings that many businesses need in the course of their operations.

The value you get continues well beyond the insurance policy. We established the Inland Marine Network to offer preventative measures or quick resolution in the event of a loss. Our Inland Marine Risk Control and Specialty Investigations Group can help you to reduce your risk exposures. If something should happen, though, our Claim specialists will assist you in getting your business back on track.

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