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Global insurance can be complex. This information hub is filled with educational resources to help simplify explanations of the coverage and bring clarity to clients who face international risks. Get to know the ins and outs of global insurance in three ways:

Educational Videos

#1 Welcome to Global

Hello, Bonjour and Konnichiwa. Tony Giannone, Vice President of Multinational Accounts Practice at Travelers, welcomes you to the first in a series of videos offering information and insights to help your clients manage their global risks. View this video series at your own pace and absorb the wealth of knowledge it contains. 

#2 Identifying Global Risks

Your clients have unique global risks. Discover three questions you can ask to detect international exposures. Learn how to build strong partnerships with your clients by providing guidance and insurance solutions designed to help them mitigate international risks they may have overlooked.

#3 Non-Admitted & Admitted Policies

Unraveling key terms, such as "admitted" and "non-admitted" insurance, provides clarity on the intricacies of worldwide insurance.

#4 Controlled Master Program (CMP)

Worldwide coverage, handled locally, with the seamless quality that you would expect from Travelers. In this episode, get familiar with the Controlled Master Program. 

#5 Global Coverage Basics

Discover how global insurance fills the gaps left by domestic coverage. We break down what is included in Travelers Global CompanionSM Plus+ and how these benefits can help protect employees, assets and a company’s reputation. 

#6 Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation

In this episode, we explain the difference between foreign voluntary workers compensation and domestic workers compensation.

#7 Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)

Learn how accidental death and dismemberment coverage can provide additional peace of mind for employees traveling abroad. 

#8 Financial Interest Insurance

Learn how financial interest insurance can reimburse U.S. parent companies for losses sustained by foreign subsidiaries. For more information on this important coverage, read the Financial Interest white paper.

#9 Financial Interest Tax Implications

Whether kept by the U.S. parent company or used to reimburse a foreign subsidiary, proceeds from a financial interest claim have tax implications. Learn more about how Travelers Global CompanionSM Plus+ can help mitigate these taxation issues that may impact balance sheets. 

#10 Identifying the Need for Locally Admitted D&O Coverage

For organizations operating overseas, there are times when traditional directors and officers (D&O) coverage can fall short. Asking these five questions will help uncover when a locally admitted D&O policy is the right choice.

#11 Global Executive Support Service

Confidently take on the world when traveling abroad on business. Travelers Global CompanionSM Plus+, our package policy designed for U.S. firms that have foreign exposures, comes with Global Executive Support Service. This service gives our global insurance customers 24/7 access to an expert who can guide them to the correct assistance for a variety of overseas situations, including medical emergencies and lost or stolen personal items.


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