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No matter where you do business, Travelers has the global reach and expertise to help protect your company and your people. So get going. Find out how Travelers can protect your business across the country – and around the world. 

Travelers has established a leading network of local carriers and platforms in over 150 countries to help our clients manage their global insurance needs. This network provides an efficient delivery of service via a single point of contact while having relevant, in-market knowledge of compliance and coverage issues in each country. The global marketplace will continue to change quickly, and Travelers has a responsive network with current and in-depth knowledge of each local market. With over 30 years of experience, combined with our financial strength, we aim to be the leading insurance partner for businesses stretching across the world. 
Efficient service and solutions save money and keep businesses focused on business. Running businesses across a few or many markets introduces complexity and can often slow down operations. Travelers is committed to delivering multinational insurance services as part of a domestic solution – including a single point of contact. We focus on delivering consistent coverage and sorting out the complexity so that you don’t have to. 

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What is global business insurance?

In the broadest terms, global insurance protects U.S. companies that do business abroad. In many cases, standard business insurance policies do not typically provide coverage outside of the United States. And because the level of business conducted abroad varies for each business — from limited international dealings to operating in countries worldwide — global insurance policies are customized to meet specific customer needs. Travelers offers Global CompanionSM Plus+ for businesses with incidental international business, as well as Controlled Master Programs (CMPs) for those companies with established operations abroad. With our breadth of coverage options, we can easily adapt to our clients' international insurance needs as their businesses grow and their risks evolve.

Characteristics of businesses that need global insurance 

A business might need global insurance if it: 

  • Has employees who travel outside the United States. 

  • Exports goods or services. 

  • Has property outside the United States, including at foreign trade shows. 

  • Owns or leases vehicles outside the United States. 

  • Outsources work to subcontractors who are domiciled outside the United States. 

  • Owns or operates locations, such as sales offices or call centers, outside the United States. 

  • Stations U.S. workers at foreign offices and/or employs third-country or local nationals. 

Global Companion Plus+

Global Companion Plus+ is a package policy designed for U.S. firms that have foreign exposures and want to ensure that their local protection is consistent with U.S. standards. We combined property and liability products to create a solution for companies with small to large international exposures.

Global Companion Plus+ for Technology Companies

Almost every technology company today has international insurance exposures - and many don't know it. Doing business internationally can be complex. See how Travelers Global Companion Plus+ helps simplify international insurance for technology companies.

Controlled Master Programs (CMPs)

Controlled Master Programs are tailored for companies that have established operations abroad and require local policies to comply with an individual country's statutory insurance requirements.  Local policies provide protection for each country's exposures in accordance with local laws and customs. CMPs provide a consistency of limits and coverages for the entire global program.

What does global insurance for business cover? 

Depending on the level of protection you need, global insurance policies can provide coverage for: 

  • Auto 
  • Property 
  • Kidnap and ransom 
  • Commercial general liability 
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) 
  • Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation (FVWC) 

The following services are also available:

Executive Support Services

Access to medical, personal and travel assistance services for employees engaged in temporary travel overseas and their accompanying spouse, children or other traveling companions.

  Panel Counsel Services

Panel counsel referral services available to assist the named insureds in obtaining legal advice overseas.

Global insurance benefits 

With many U.S. businesses embracing global opportunities, coverage for risks abroad is no longer a nice-to-consider, but rather a must-have. And yet, traditional domestic insurance policies stop short of providing adequate coverage abroad. Having global insurance provides peace of mind when dealing with claims in countries with different laws and customs, not to mention languages. 

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