Global Insurance

In 2014 US exports and services totaled $2.35 trillion.1  This opportunity brings growth, new customers and of course, new risks.

Whether you're an existing multinational organization or exploring the possibility of expanding into a foreign market, Travelers has the products, services and expertise to meet a wide range of international insurance needs in more than 120 countries worldwide.

Global CompanionSM

Global Companion is a package policy designed for U.S. firms that have foreign exposures and want to ensure that their local protection is consistent with U.S. standards. We combined property and liability products to create a solution for companies with small to large international exposures.

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Controlled Master Programs (CMPs)

Controlled Master Programs are tailored for companies that have established operations abroad and require local policies to comply with an individual country's statutory insurance requirements.  Local policies provide protection for each country's exposures in accordance with local laws and customs.  The CMP provides a consistency of limits and coverages for the entire global program.

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Global Companion for Technology Companies

Almost every technology company today has international insurance exposures - and many don't know it. Doing business internationally can be complex. See how Travelers Global Companion helps simplify international insurance for technology companies.

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Insights & Expertise

1 "U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services" report published by U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis February 5, 2015

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