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Car Safety Technology

New car safety technology and features are helping to keep the road safer than ever.

Do I Need Snow Tires?

Every winter, car owners may ask themselves, do I need snow tires? Compare benefits of all season and snow tires, and find out if you need them.

Driving in Fog Safely

Help prevent disaster when driving in fog by skipping the high beams and staying focused.

How Crumple Zones Work

Crumple zones are a key safety feature in cars and help protect passengers in case of an accident.

How to Drive in Icy Conditions

Driving on icy roads can create challenging, and potentially dangerous, driving conditions.

How to Drive Safely in Strong Wind and Rain

When driving in heavy rain or wind, be aware of your surroundings and take steps to help you arrive safely at your destination.

How to Help Stay Safe While Driving During Tornadoes and Hail

During a tornado or hailstorm, drivers should get off the road as soon as possible. If caught on the road, use these tips to help stay safe.

How to Help Winterize Your Car

Along with regular scheduled maintenance, cars need additional attention in the winter months. Learn how to help winterize your car.

Keeping Your Passengers Safe on the Road

Passenger safety is an important consideration any time you have passengers with you on the road.

Navigating the World of Navigation Systems

Some GPS devices are safer for you than others. Here are some tips on how to choose a GPS navigation system and operate it safely.

Share the Road

Competitive and reckless driving put all drivers on the road at risk. Share the road with these safe driving tips.

Shopping for a Safe Car

Check for these 7 signs of a safe car when evaluating a vehicle for purchase. These tips can help you drive off in a safe car.

Spring Driving Tips

Winter may be over, but safe driving is always in season. Explore these spring safe driving tips to help you prepare for spring's driving challenges.

The Science Behind Winter Driving

Ever wonder what causes black ice, how snow tires work or what causes hydroplaning? Learn the science behind some common winter driving conditions.

Tips for Handling a Tire Blowout

How you handle a tire blowout can make a difference in preventing an accident. Learn tips for handling a tire blowout, tire blowout causes and more.

Tips to Check Tire Tread

Knowing how to check tire tread and when to replace old tires can help prevent issues on the road.

Winter Driving Quiz

Test your skills to learn if you are ready for winter weather's challenges.

Winter Driving Safety Tips

Cold temperatures bring new risks to the road. Practice winter driving safety with these winter driving tips.

Winter Driving Survival Kit Infographic

Learn how to build a winter car survival kit with this infographic.

Work Zone Traffic Safety

Many auto accidents happen in work zones. Follow these safe driving tips to help avoid roadwork accidents.