Transportation Industry Insights: “More Miles, More Knowledge"

19 minutes

The transportation industry is continually evolving. Through “More Miles, More Knowledge,” Travelers is dedicated to bringing you in-depth insights on topics to fuel your success in the transportation industry. From cargo theft trends to security best practices, have a listen and gather key takeaways on today’s most challenging issues.

Episode #1: The Latest Trends in Cargo Theft

Guest Keith Lewis, Vice President of operations at CargoNet®, shares the numbers behind cargo theft trends and how the pandemic has impacted the types of goods thieves are targeting. As supply chain bottlenecks and other economic factors play a role in theft increases, learn about the preventive measures companies and drivers can take to recognize, prevent and report thefts. Discover which pockets of the country are seeing the highest spikes in incidents, as well as insights for tracking missing cargo.


Travelers on Freightwaves Podcast

Travelers has recently contributed to the Freightwaves “What the Truck” podcast series to share insights on topics ranging from choosing the right insurance carrier to commonly overlooked coverages to trends in cargo theft.

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Cargo Theft and Broken Seals Can Be Costly to Transportation Businesses

Pilferage and seal break events can be costly for freight brokers, fleet operators and logistics firms. If a seal is broken, the entire cargo shipment may be rejected depending on the product.

Trucks at a truck stop lined up at a gas station.

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4 Ways Domestic Freight Brokers Can Avoid Unexpected Liability Claims

Freight brokers may face unique liability risks as compared with trucking companies. Learn how they can protect their domestic operations from liability claims that may not be covered by traditional cargo insurance policies.

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5 Cargo Theft Tactics and How to Help Prevent Them

Cargo theft comes in many forms, from fictitious pickups to misdirected loads. Learn cargo theft types and tips for cargo theft prevention.

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