6 Tips for Working from Home with Your Kids

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Man working from home with laptop at kitchen table with child also at the table.

As the trend toward more remote work opportunities and school from home continues to evolve, it’s become a modern challenge for working parents to find ways to keep their school-aged children safely occupied while working from home.

Here are six key tips:

1. Expect Changes in Your Work Schedule

As a remote employee, your workday schedule isn’t typical. Younger children will require more hands-on help in getting their day started, while teenagers can be more independent and may even be helpful in managing household tasks while you work. The blending of family and working from home is an opportunity to teach responsibility, even in small doses, so you can tend to the work assignments on your plate.

2. Help Your Kids Establish a New Routine

To differentiate work and playtime, help kids set their own routine. If they’re working on school assignments, having them sit down at the same time each day can help provide structure. Let them know that you’ll be available for help and set aside specific times for fun activities you can do together.

3. Double-Check Home Safety Measures

If your younger children will be out of your sight at home while you’re working, make sure you’ve taken steps to childproof your home to prevent accidents. Always store cleaning supplies out of reach of young children. If you have a home security system, set up a notification to alert you when a door or window is opened.

You’ll also want to take care of yourself by making sure your home office is comfortable and organized in a way that helps limit potential problems, such as overuse injuries.

4. Reset Your Expectations

Working from home with kids may impact your ability to focus. Give yourself permission to adapt your work style, realizing that it may take you twice as long to compile a report or finish a project. Working from home means family needs are perhaps just a room away. Strive for balance by arranging your days to fit in all the important tasks you must attend to for both your family and your job.

If you can take a break on a beautiful day, get out in the yard with your kids. You’ll appreciate the moments of escape spent with your family.

5. Stock Up on Fun and Games

If you’re doing the shopping for your household online, consider adding a few art kits or video games to your shopping cart. Perhaps it’s a good time to purchase that new gaming system you planned to buy as a special gift. Set parameters around screen time but realize there may be instances where a little extra play is okay, if your kids are having fun and you’re on the verge of completing a task for work.

You may also want to stock up on craft supplies that can come in handy when you need a quick, easy distraction for your kids in order to give you the time you need to meet an impending work deadline.

6. Trust Your Parental Instincts

You know your kids better than anyone. While your job is important, your children may require your attention even as you work from home. It may mean you need to find ways to rearrange your work schedule. If you have a partner who is also working from home, consider creating a schedule whereby you take shifts to manage childcare duties to ensure your family’s needs are being met while you both attend to your work responsibilities.

Of course, you must prioritize keeping your family productive and well. But, it’s also important to work and provide for your family’s financial needs. Communicate with your co-workers and managers as you adjust your work-life balance from home.

Consider Whether Your Insurance Needs Have Changed

If you’re moving to a home-based business or using office equipment at home, you’ll want to review your homeowners insurance policy in case your coverage needs to be updated based on your circumstances. Don't hesitate to contact your insurance agent for guidance.

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