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Inland Marine — Transportation, cargo and logistics

Transportation, cargo and logistics

Travelers is committed to providing products and services that are in "lock step" with this continually evolving industry. The changes that started with the deregulation of the trucking industry in the 1980s have picked up speed with the advancement of technology and worldwide market economics of the last several decades.

We have responded – with both coverage and service offerings for a range of businesses that support the management and handling related to the transportation and storage of cargo. We can also meet your needs for larger coverage limits and complex commodities.


Our clients include manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and distributors. As a shipper, you need insurance for your property while it is in transit on your own vehicles or through a public or contract motor carrier, rail or air carrier.

  • Our transportation policy will keep your business operating in the event of a loss while we determine the extent of the carrier's legal liability
  • This coverage is vital to businesses utilizing just-in-time delivery methods

Cargo and logistics

The trucking industry does not have a standard definition of what services a carrier or logistics provider offers, so Travelers has cargo and logistics coverage that can be tailored to your specific operation.

  • Specialized coverage for the commodities and services you are legally obligated to insure
  • Flexible coverage offerings matched to businesses in a broad spectrum of locations and sizes
  • Unique valuation and liability issues are considered


Unmatched capabilities are available from our Inland Marine Network.

  • Risk control consultants meet with customers on risk management practices associated with hiring, driver training and safety issues that are key to helping keep the cargo protected
  • The Specialty Investigations Group is positioned to respond quickly to help recover stolen cargo and to offer insights into theft prevention needs
  • The Transportation Claim team specializes in understanding the contracts and bills of lading in the industry for increased responsiveness

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