Wholesalers & Distributors Industry Insurance

The Wholesaler & Distributor industry comes with numerous complex risks. Do you know that auto accidents are the leading cause of workplace injuries and fatalities in the U.S., averaging $65,875 in indemnity costs per claim?1 The indirect costs of an employee accident can be even more significant; 4 to 10 times more costly than the direct costs.2

Travelers can provide wholesalers and distributors the coverage and support they need to keep operations running smoothly in the event of loss or damage. We offer wholesalers and distributors an all-lines solution, including automobile, general liability, property and workers compensation.

Travelers has been committed to the Wholesaler Industry for well over 50 years and knows this industry well. Whether the wholesaler is distributing product that is obtained domestically, or imported from other countries, we entertain a wide variety of businesses across durable and non-durable categories.

INDUSTRYEdge® for Wholesalers & Distributors

INDUSTRYEdge for Wholesalers & Distributors delivers industry-specific underwriting, risk control analysis and claim service tailored to the nuances of today's wholesalers and distributors industry. Drawing on extensive research and years of experience, we offer:    

Who is this right for?

  • Beer and ale distributors
  • Electrical supplies distributors
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables distributors
  • Furniture distributors
  • Grocery distributors
  • Importers
  • Industrial supplies distributors

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Risk Control

We have one of the largest Risk Control departments in the industry, and our scale allows us to apply the right resource at the right time to meet customer needs.


Our knowledgeable Claim professionals will respond to your needs with speed, compassion, integrity and professionalism. It's our business to help keep you in business.

1 National Safety Council® Injury Facts® 2011 Edition
American Society of Safety Engineers. "Indirect Costs of Accidents." 2012

Find an Agent

Need an Agent?

Get the personal service and attention that an agent provides.

Find a local agent in your area: