Ocean Marine Resources

A tugboat pushing a large cargo ship near a port city.

Understanding ocean marine risks and challenges

Ocean Marine Resources

5 Key Marine Construction Equipment Risks

Damage, theft, vandalism, and loss of equipment overboard can imperil the equipment marine contractors depend upon for construction projects. Learn the key risks for marine equipment now.

Marine construction equipment.

Ocean Marine Resources

3 Key Subsurface Risks for Marine Contractors

Heavy equipment on floating platforms, changing weather and constant motion require marine contractors to face many subsurface risks. Learn more about the subsurface risks marine contractors encounter.

3 key subsurface risks.

Ocean Marine Resources

6 Key Liability Risks for Marine Contractors

Understanding the liability risks of marine construction is vital to protecting your business. Learn the 6 key liability risks for marine contractors now.

6 key liability risks marine.

Ocean Marine Resources

Preparing for an Extended Lay-Up: Protecting Vessels from Loss

Risks change when a vessel is inactive. Prepare in advance to protect your vessel and equipment from losses that can be caused by weather, tides, equipment breakdown, theft, vandalism and other hazards.

Large ship in the water with ice cap mountains in background.

Ocean Marine Resources

Modern Shipyard Trends and Challenges

Owning a shipyard comes with various challenges. Explore trending risks to be aware of in the shipyard industry, as well as actions you can take to help them.

Two men paint boat in warehouse.

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