Inland Marine Contractors’ Equipment Insurance

Equipment loss can stop construction in its tracks. Distinct risks can threaten contractors' equipment, from weather, theft and transit, to accidents caused by less experienced machine operators. 

Did you know: 

  • Construction companies lose anywhere from $300 million to $1 billion per year to heavy equipment theft.1 

  • Over 95% of nonfatal struck-by injuries in construction are caused by equipment and flying or falling objects.2 

  • A record number of billion-dollar weather and climate events occurred between 1980 and 2022.3 

Whether your equipment is used on job sites, such as an infrastructure project or stadium construction, or stored during nonuse, Travelers inland marine contractors' equipment insurance can make a difference for your owned, leased or borrowed equipment.

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Contractors' equipment insurance coverage 

Travelers is the leading inland marine contractors' equipment insurer. We strive to meet your needs with:  

  • Broad protection that is flexible enough to meet your equipment needs 

  • Local account executives who understand your projects and the associated equipment coverage options 

  • Limits and capacity to handle your largest and most complex heavy equipment schedules 

  • Only a 24-hour waiting period after a loss for rental of replacement equipment 

Who is contractors' equipment insurance right for? 

  • Specialty trades 

  • General contractors 

Does contractors' equipment insurance cover rented or borrowed equipment?

Inland marine contractors' equipment insurance typically covers tools and equipment that a contractor uses to complete a project. It provides broad coverage for tools, clothing and heavy equipment in the contractors' possession at the time of the policy effective date. This insurance also covers tools and equipment purchased, rented, leased or borrowed after the policy's effective date for a period of time. 

Does business equipment insurance cover theft? 

Inland marine contractors’ equipment insurance provides very broad coverage against loss. Coverage can include theft, vandalism and damage caused by fire, accidents, natural disasters like floods or lightning and more. Your policy will clearly specify any risks or any type of equipment that is not covered.

One of the biggest risks that contractors face is theft of their tools and equipment. Inland marine contractors' equipment insurance is designed to protect against that risk. If covered tools or equipment is stolen, a Claim representative will walk you through the process of filing a claim and getting you reimbursed. 

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Inland Marine Network

Travelers Inland Marine Network is our patented loss mitigation process that provides a competitive advantage for our customers. Our dedicated specialists in risk mitigation, Claim and special investigations identify and minimize risk to help keep your operations running smoothly. Our risk mitigation specialists can work with you before and throughout even your most highly engineered projects.

With more than a century of expertise and more than 500 Risk Control consultants, Travelers has the experience and technical proficiency to help businesses manage their risks. 

Our skillfully trained investigators help deliver optimal claim outcomes for our customers by actively pursuing avenues of recovery 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for all cargo and other specialty losses.

Our knowledgeable Claim professionals will respond to your needs with speed, compassion, integrity and professionalism. It's our business to help keep you in business.


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