Marine Contractors Insurance

Many potential exposures exist for marine contractors when engaging in commercial and residential construction activities on and around the waterfront.  Large-scale weather events and fire are just two of the major and common perils that can halt business and sink profits. With 40% of all business owners failing after experiencing a disaster1, it's important to protect your business.

Travelers understands the marine construction business inside and out and will be responsive to your insurance needs. We can provide tailored protection for your marine and non-marine exposures as well as specialized Risk Control and Claim services to ensure you’re protected before, during and after a loss.

Marine Contractors’ Coverage

A broad package of specific coverages designed to protect marine contractors.

  • Marine general liability includes coverage for products and completed operations liability for work performed from watercraft.
  • Marine contractors’ liability provides coverage for property damage to marine structures.
  • Commercial hull and protection and indemnity protect vessel owners against physical damage to the ship and legal liability.
  • Bumbershoot (marine umbrella) provides excess liability protection over both marine and non-marine coverages, including auto liability, general liability, and employers’ liability.
  • Contractor's equipment with waterborne coverage.
  • Property and casualty coverages, including property, auto, and business interruption.

Who is this right for?

  • Marine Contractors

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Insights & Expertise

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Risk Control

Travelers Ocean Marine Risk Control Specialists have valuable industry experience and can help customers identify ocean marine exposures and develop strategies to impact those exposures.

Some of our resources include:

  • On-site consultation, conducted by professionals from a team of over 700 risk control consultants, supported by dedicated marine specialists.
  • A team approach with both customers and agents.
  • Deploying the Travelers Special Investigations Group (SIG) that can work directly with clients in developing theft prevention and recovery strategies. 
  • Assisting customers with Business Continuity Planning, using our online and on-demand resources to help minimize operational disruptions, should a loss occur.
  • Assisting customers with business continuity planning tools, to help them identify critical areas for consideration and minimize operational disruptions, before a loss occurs.

Additionally, Travelers Ocean Marine Risk Control offers extended global services through a select network of marine surveyors.


Ocean marine customers have specialized needs and require high-quality claim services that complement their unique business requirements. Knowing this, Travelers has dedicated professionals specializing in cargo, hull and marine liability.  

1 Insurance Information Institute 2013

Find an Agent

Need an Agent?

Get the personal service and attention that an agent provides.

Find a local agent in your area: