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Risk Advisor Series on Emerging Risk

Evolving technology creates new risks that technology businesses might not see. Our Risk Advisor Series on emerging risk for technology businesses helps identify these risks.  Travelers explores emerging technology risks and legal trends, including Risk Advisor briefings and educational videos and papers.

Have your 3D printed cake and eat it too

As firms scramble to take the lead in the 3D printing race, a word of caution is in order. There are potentially expensive pitfalls along the way. But executives who understand these risks, and how to protect against them, can position their firms to profit from this emerging trend.

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Don't get caught in Shanghai with your transistors down

A global supply chain brings global exposures that high-tech manufacturers must manage. Companies who understand these risks will be better positioned to protect themselves from liability should something go awry. This issue of Travelers Technology Risk Advisor exposes some of those risks and highlights actions high-tech manufacturers should consider as part of an overall effort to manage global risks.

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The Wearables Revolution has Arrived

With the growth in wearable technology across all types of industries, companies that never before considered themselves in the technology business face new risks they need to be prepared for. Being aware of these threats and following strategies to help protect against them can help businesses focus on the growth opportunities that connected technologies make possible.

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Bring your own device (BYOD): Everyone is doing it. Threats grow with explosion of personal devices at work

The ubiquity of personal devices is changing the way the corporate world operates. Businesses once built strong firewalls to block external access, banned employees from backing up their work on portable hard drives, and allowed connectivity only through company-issued devices. Today, eager to hold down costs and happy to take advantage of well-connected employees, some of these same businesses are adapting their policies to embrace Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). But many more are simply standing by as employees incorporate BYOD into their work lives, without waiting for permission or policies.

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A History of Expertise and Innovation

Travelers has an extensive history of developing innovative insurance products – our innovations for the technology industry date back to the 1960s when we were the first insurer to protect electronic data processing equipment, data and media. 

Our experience is second to none and our people, our products, and our service prove it. 

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