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Customized solutions for architects, engineers & surveyors

For architects, engineers and surveyors, success on a project means minimizing the potential for design errors and maintaining employee safety, while balancing project deadlines with best-in-class service. These design professionals need broad insurance coverages to help protect their businesses, employees and property. 

What types of insurance are available for architects, engineers, and surveyors?

Travelers offers a broad range of products and services: 


Workers compensation 

General liability 


Umbrella/excess liability 

Who is architects, engineers, and surveyors insurance right for? 

  • Landscape architects, building/space-planning architects, commercial interior designers 

  • Civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, forensic, geotechnical and environmental engineers 

  • Land surveyors and urban/rural planners 

How much does insurance for architects and engineers cost?

The cost of insuring your architecture or engineering business will depend upon the size of your operation, the specific risks you are exposed to, and coverage amounts and deductibles you choose. Your agent can help review risks and provide a quote for coverage that would best protect your company. 

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Insights to help you manage risks at work and on the road

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With more than a century of expertise and more than 500 Risk Control consultants, Travelers has the experience and technical proficiency to help businesses manage their risks. 

Our knowledgeable Claim professionals will respond to your needs with speed, compassion, integrity and professionalism. It's our business to help keep you in business.

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