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Cyber security: How safe is your data?

Help secure your business from cyber threats.

If you do business online, communicate with customers or suppliers via email, or even just have computers connected to the internet, you may be exposed to the threat of a cyber attack. According to the 2014 Travelers Business Risk Index, more than half of businesses worry about technology and cyber risks. Whether it is stolen intellectual property from a manufacturer, or the theft of customer data from a retail giant, a data breach can impact a company’s brand, reputation and customer confidence. It can be financially devastating. Your business should begin to protect itself by establishing a comprehensive policy on cyber security that is supported by employee training, cyber risk assessment processes, network security and incident response planning.

Draft your cyber security plan

It is important to create a comprehensive data security plan, but it is even more important to get started now.

Review the essential elements of a security policy >

Identify your cyber vulnerabilities

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You cannot begin to protect your data until you understand where your data is most at risk. Conducting a cyber data assessment can help you identify data classifications and assign appropriate security for the various types of data that is processed and stored.

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Create multiple-path security

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No single security device will likely protect all of your data and systems. You will need to create a "defense-in-depth" strategy.

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Respond after the breach

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Every day, organizations discover that their data systems have been compromised. Having a plan in place to help detect and deal with a data breach is one of the most important steps toward a quick recovery.

Learn more about creating an incident response plan >

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Be prepared with cyber insurance

Travelers can help with cyber insurance solutions for your business.

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What risks worry U.S. businesses most?

Learn how prepared businesses feel they are to deal with those risks.

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