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Innovation Creates Risk.We Insure It.Think Forward

Technology Insurance

Technology companies often go where no one has gone before

When it comes to technology innovation, the only thing holding technology companies back should be imagination, not insurance. We understand the range of risks technology companies face today, and we're ready for what tomorrow may bring.

Having an insurance carrier that shares this pioneering spirit can be a significant business advantage. Travelers has been a leading insurer of technology businesses for more than 30 years. We understand the unexpected risks these companies face and have the insurance solutions that can help them get ahead of those risks. And when they do – by anticipating and preparing for them – they can keep innovating and growing. The rapid pace of change requires the ability to innovate without worry.

Office trampolines and paintball outings? It takes a creative, innovative culture to keep pace with the tech industry. See why tech companies can depend on Travelers for support.

Finance View of Nonfinancial Risk for Technology Companies

Find out what technology industry CFOs think about risk today

Introducing our report, "The Finance View of Nonfinancial Risk for Technology Companies".

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Innovative solutions that set us apart

To protect innovation you first need to understand it. Travelers doesn't just insure technology companies. We have immersed ourselves in the technology industry so we can understand and anticipate the changing nature of our client's risks, while also creating insurance products and services that keep up with the quickly changing needs.

  • What sets us apart
    • Long-time association with the technology industry
    • Ability to underwrite complex businesses
    • Expertise with technology businesses of all types and sizes
    • Dedicated technology team
    • Constant research to anticipate future needs and emerging risks
    • Sharing our knowledge and advice
    • Risk control services that are among the best in the industry

To learn more, contact your independent insurance agent or broker.

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Technology Claim

Travelers discusses claim management for technology companies.

Claim Scenarios

"It won't ever happen to
us, right?"
Even the most conscientious technology companies face claims and lawsuits.