Biofacilities Insurance

Like other renewable energy sources, bioenergy comes with its own unique set of exposures and liabilities. Travelers' deep knowledge of the alternative energy industry and the risks-faced by our customers allows us to provide risk management strategies to help minimize losses. Our dedicated claim professionals help navigate claims that could impact your biomass business to help keep your operation powering through an unforeseen event. Count on Travelers to provide specialized biomass energy coverages designed to meet your needs. 

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Core product offerings

We have the ability to provide all lines of coverage to protect bioenergy operations, including: 

Who is biofacilities coverage right for?

Independent power producers using methane as their fuel source. The methane fuel can be extracted from a landfill or produced through anaerobic digestion.

How much does biofacilities insurance cost?

Biofacilities insurance cost will depend upon the size of your operation, the specific risks you are exposed to, and coverage amounts and deductibles you choose. Your agent can help review risks and provide a quote for coverage that would best protect your company. 



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Resources for the Energy Industry

Solar, wind, biopower and other sources in this developing sector can yield energy savings and generate new revenue for businesses, but are not without risks.


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In the energy industry, any loss, large or small, can be catastrophic to a business. Travelers' field-based consultants can help solar energy customers manage property, safety and health exposures. Services include solar maintenance consultations, severe product reviews and contractual risk transfer analysis.

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