Build safety into every workday

Build Safety Into Every Workday

Safety is more than a poster in the break room. It needs to become embedded in the culture of your business.

Keeping workers safe and productive should be the goal of every company. Yet in 2012, nearly three million non-fatal workplace injuries were reported. That represents an average of three injuries for 100 workers.¹

When employees understand that your company values safety, it helps assure them that their skills and their lives are also valued.

Safety takes planning, but planning is not enough. Safety plans must be adopted, communicated, implemented, practiced and monitored. At Travelers, we help companies like yours by providing resources to help you better understand your risk and manage the exposure.


Expect the Unexpected

In an emergency, reaction time is crucial and being prepared is the best defense.

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Weave Safety into Your Culture

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Safety is a shared responsibility. Management must embrace a safety culture, and plan for it. And every employee must be on board. For a safety plan to be effective, it must be a part of the fabric of your company.

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Make Safety a Priority

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Managing safety means taking the appropriate steps to analyze your exposure, pre-planning before an incident occurs and creating a written program. It also means that everyone, from management on down, must live and work with safety in mind.

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Help Employees Return to Work

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Even with the best safety program, an employee injury can still occur. Planning helps you to react immediately when an employee is injured on the job.

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