Insurance for Operators and Nonoperators in the Oil and Gas Industry

Operators and nonoperators in the oil and gas industry have specific insurance needs. Travelers can provide a variety of coverages and services that can help protect their capital and mitigate their risks, both onshore and offshore. As co-owners of wells, nonoperators also need coverage solutions that protect their investments. 

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Who is insurance for oil and gas operators and nonoperators right for? 

  • Oil and gas well operators looking to protect against liability for alleged injury or damage to third parties as a result of those well operations.
  • Oil and gas nonoperators looking to protect their capital and investment in a well operation. 

What specialized coverage is needed by operators and nonoperators in the oil and gas industry? 

Oil and gas operators are owners of the well(s) and have invested capital in oil and gas production. They are responsible for the daily operation of a well project. Property and inland marine coverage for oil and gas operators can protect things such as buildings, equipment and business property. Commercial general liability insurance for operators provides coverage to protect against liability for alleged injury or damage to third parties, and to cover their contractual liability. 

Although nonoperators are not involved in the day-to-day operations of a well project, they are typically contracted with the operators, have an invested interest (as co-owners) in the project, and are consulted on exploration and production activities. Insurance for nonoperators can help protect the property and invested capital in the event of a loss and can also provide coverage for liability arising out of a claim or lawsuit and cover their contractual liability. 



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Travelers offers EnergyPro protection that has been specifically tailored for oil and gas lease operators.

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