Solar Power

Those who perform research and development for this growing sector or manufacture, distribute, install and maintain its technologies, face new and unprecedented threats. The reliable products and services of Travelers are there to meet the needs of the solar power industry today and into the future. Our solar focus includes:

  • Research and development companies including software developers
  • Renewable energy consultants
  • Architects and engineers involved in the assessment and design of solar farms
  • Owners and project developers
  • Permanent solar operations – large commercial solar farms, businesses adding solar installations, agricultural operations, schools, public utilities
  • Construction/installation of solar arrays
  • Installation and maintenance/service contractors, including millwright, electrical, concrete, street and road, excavation, utility, equipment, HVAC, plumbing, etc.
  • Manufacturers and distributors, ranging from component parts to complete systems including electrical equipment, plastic and metal goods, high hazard products, and electronics

Key coverages:

Inland Marine Coverage >
Property & General Liability Coverage >
Ocean Marine Coverage >
Equipment Breakdown Coverage >
Auto Coverage >
Workers Compensation Coverage & Services >
Umbrella/Excess Liability Coverage >
Owners & Contractors Protective Liability Coverage >
Railroad Protective Coverage >
Management Liability, Crime, Kidnap & Ransom Coverage >
Surety Bonds >
Cyber Liability Coverage >
Environmental Liability Coverage >

Key coverages offered through Travelers Syndicate at Lloyd's:

Offshore Property Coverage >


Inland Marine Coverage for Developers, Owners, Power Providers and Contractors

Builders’ Risk and operational wind turbine farms:

• SolarPak® coverage:
      – Solar arrays
      – Mounting rack systems
      – Buildings, Contents and Computers
      – Inverters and spare parts
      – Lost warranty or service contract reimbursement
      – Property awaiting installation
      – Associated transmission and distribution lines
      – Equipment breakdown
      – Substations, Transformers
      – Business Interruption, including production tax credits
      – Related transformers, switch gear, panels and circuit breakers
      – Transportation, Temporary Storage
      – Contractors Equipment
• Additional Resources:
        – SolarPak Coverage

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Property & General Liability Coverage

• Property:
      – Business Income Extended Period of Indemnity
      – Green Building Alternatives
      – EDP equipment embedded in Business Personal Property
      – Leasehold Interest Undamaged
      – Tenants Improvements and Betterments coverage
• General Liability:
      – Bodily injury and property damage liability
      – Personal injury liability
      – Advertising injury liability
      – Medical expenses
• Additional Resources:
      – Travelers Deluxe® Property

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Ocean Marine

• Broad property coverage for the movement of wind-related parts and components either by air or sea:
      – Cargo Elite® – automatic all risk coverage for int’l shipments
      – Custom Cargo – tailored coverage for complex global transport
      – Cargo Elite Express® – available for businesses shipping up to $10 million annually
• Marine transportation coverages for towing of goods, people, and materials:
      – Commercial hull protection
      – Protection and indemnity against liabilities
• Additional Resources:
      – Cargo Elite for Ocean Cargo
      – Custom Cargo
      – Cargo Elite Express
      – Marine Transportation

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Equipment Breakdown Coverage

• “Hand-in-hand" with property coverage
• Critical for businesses that utilize specialized mechanical and electrical equipment – for both direct damage and for loss of business income
• Additional Resources
• Ability exists to include the coverage in the property form or as a stand-alone policy
• Additional Resources:
      – Equipment Breakdown

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Auto Coverage

• Coverage for vehicles transporting wind-related materials and equipment onshore.
      – Auto liability
      – Physical damage protection
      – Fleet coverage
      – Countrywide availability
• Additional Resources:
      – Business Auto Coverage

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Workers Compensation Coverage & Services

• Multi-state exposures capability
• Safety programs
• No minimum premium requirement
• Extensive preferred provider networks with a presence in all 50 states
• Pharmacy network
• Focus on early intervention
• Medical case management
• Return-to-work programs
• Medical cost containment
• Industrial hygiene/occupational disease risk control specialists
• Additional Resources:
      – Workers Compensation
      – Travelers Medical Advantage

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Umbrella/Excess Liability Coverage

• Providing excess layers of protection over liability coverages
• Flexible and substantial limits capacity
• Worldwide territory

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Owners & Contractors Protective Liability Coverage

• Named insured project owners for liability for covered bodily injury or property damage arising from job-site operations being performed for them by the designated contractor.
• Liability for injury or damage arising from project owners’ acts or omissions in connection with project owners’ general supervision of such operations
• Coverage is provided on an admitted-market basis
• Typically provides dedicated limits for named insured project owner as the only insured under the policy
• Includes duty to defend
• Additional Resources:
      – Owners & Contractors Protective Liability

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Railroad Protective Liability Coverage

• Named insured railroad’s liability, for covered bodily injury or property damage arising from acts or omissions relating to job-site operations by the designated contractor
• Coverage from beginning of the project to final acceptance of the project by the owner
• Limited coverage for physical damage to property of the insured – including direct and accidental loss to rolling stock and contents
• Coverage is provided on an admitted basis
• Includes duty to defend
• Additional Resources:
      – Railroad Protective Liability

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Management Liability, Crime, Kidnap & Ransom Coverages

• Crime
• CyberRisk
• Employment Practices Liability
• Fiduciary Liability
• Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement
• Kidnap & Ransom
• Additional Resources:
      – Crime
      – CyberRisk
      – Employment Practice Liability
      – Fiduciary Liability
      – Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement
      – Kidnap & Ransom

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Surety Bonds

• Commercial Surety Bonds
• Contract Surety Bonds
• Additional Resources:
      – Commercial Surety Bond
      – Contract Surety Bonds

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Cyber Liability Coverage

Cyber insurance solutions tailored to fit business needs:

• For private, nonprofit, public or technology companies
• Network and information security liability
• Communications and media liability
• Technology errors and omissions
• Available as part of a package or as a standalone policy
• Additional Resources:
      – CyberFirst® for Technology Companies
      – CyberRisk

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Environmental Liability Coverage

• Contractors Pollution Liability Coverage for installers of wind power equipment
• Site Pollution Liability Coverage for owner/operators and manufacturers of wind power facilities
• Additional Resources:
      – Environmental Liability Coverage

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Travelers Syndicate at Lloyd's – Offshore Property Coverage

• First party coverage
• Loss of revenue
• Additional Resources:
      – Travelers Syndicate – Lloyd’s of London

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