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You’ve always had a special ability to connect with people. You saw a stressed-out world and turned your skills into a small business. Travelers offers specialized coverages to help protect your personal care businessWhether you work at a salon or barber shop, or are a massage therapist, you want your clients to look and feel their best under your care. We feel the same way about your business. 

Damaging situations a personal care business owner could face:

  • A teen is getting their hair styled for prom when the flat iron gets too close to their scalp. A painful burn leaves them sitting in the urgent care clinic on their big night.

  • A customer buys a lotion in a trendy new scent you just started to sell. They call you later complaining that they broke out in hives after applying the product and had to run to the doctor.

  • A client is getting off the table after a sports massage. They briefly feel dizzy and fall, fracturing a wrist. They end up in a cast and miss their big game. 

Personal care services business owner's policy

Whether it's getting the best training or using the highest quality products, your business depends on solid fundamentals. That's why we recommend starting with a Travelers Business Owner’s Policy (BOP).

Travelers BOP includes: 

  • Property 

  • General liability 

  • Professional liability insurance (included in general liability limits) 

  • Business income/extra expense 

  • Computer equipment data and media 

Who needs personal services insurance?

Small businesses providing personal care services, including: 

  • Barbers 

  • Beauty or hair salons 

  • Cosmetology schools 

  • Day spas 

  • Massage therapists 

  • Nail salons 

  • Personal trainers 

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What kind of insurance does my personal care services business need?

A personal care business needs a business owner’s policythat covers general liability and loss of business income. It may also include property coverage for a salon or spa and the equipment and products on or off premises. A personal care business owner might also need additional coverage such asprofessional liability, employee dishonesty, data breachand liquor legal liability. 

A business owner’s policy(BOP) is the foundation of coverage for a personal care business and typically covers: 


Whether you own or lease your salon, spa or other facility, your property is at the heart of your business. A BOP can also help to cover the equipment, such as massage tables or pedicure spa chairs, that you depend on to care for your clients.

Business income and extra expense (BIEE) 

If you lose income or incur expenses due to a covered loss, such as if your salon is damaged and needs repairs,BIEE coverage can help you recoup revenue lost from those canceled hair, nail and massage appointments while your space is being fixed.

Employee theft

You trust your employees, but what if a new hire takes expensive skin serum worth thousands of dollars home with them? Or pockets cash payments for spa services? It’s key to have employee theft and dishonesty coverage. 

The general liability coverage in your BOP can cover key exposures such as premises liability, product liability, and personal and advertising injury liability.

Professional services liability

You’re good at what you do, but anyone can make a mistake.Professional liability insurance can help cover your costs if a client gets injured and decides to file a lawsuit as a result of the services you provided. 

Computer equipment, data and media 

Your computer systems and technology are as essential to your business as your products. So, it’s important to protect your business against loss of or damage to your computers, software and data. 

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Solutions for small businesses

Travelers offers small business solutions to help you protect and grow your business.

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