Millwright Contractors Insurance

Millwright work is complex and constantly changing. New machines. Maintenance. New plants. Shutdowns. Lift. Move. Transport. Align. Across the plant, the state, the country, or perhaps even across the border. On hook and off, the risks are many. We understand every situation is unique, and we work hard to deliver insurance solutions, Claim and Risk Control services that meet your evolving risks.

Examples of specialized millwright-oriented insurance solutions, and Risk Control services include:

  • 40-hour professional crane operator program
  • Rigging training
  • Network of auto fleet management professionals
  • Limited loss of use liability coverage for damage to property being raised, lowered or moved

INDUSTRYEdge® for Millwright Contractors

Millwright contractors have unique risks. Travelers INDUSTRYEdge offers products and insights to help our customers stay ahead of risk by preparing for it and ultimately helping to reduce loss costs and keep projects running smoothly.

Drawing on extensive research and years of experience, we offer:

What kind of contractors is this right for?

Contractors who perform:

  • Machinery moving
  • Machinery installation/service/repair
  • Wind turbine installation

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Need an Agent?

Get the personal service and attention that an agent provides.

Find a local agent in your area: