National Programs

National Programs is a dedicated unit within Travelers and one of the largest in the industry focusing on delivering tailored programs for customers with similar insurance coverage needs.  Having a specialization within different targeted industries allows National Programs to understand the specific insurance coverage and risk exposures inherent to specific businesses and locations, and thus have the know-how to develop custom coverage solutions to address each segment's unique need.

To specialize in as many different programs as we do, National Programs operates in a couple of ways: 

  1. Direct to Travelers:  The first is with our experienced staff personnel focused on particular business, segments or programs.  Your Travelers retail agent would work directly with our team to create the right solution for your needs.  A list of these programs is available here.    
  2. Agency Specialties:  The second is with our network of highly specialized general agents who have the industry expertise and knowledge in other business segments we don’t serve directly.  Same Travelers coverage, same Travelers service, only your Travelers retail agent would work directly with our general agent.  Explore our list of these programs.

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