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Business owner's policy for small businesses

A Business Owner's Policy (BOP) is recommended for most small businesses, as it is often the most affordable way to obtain broad coverage. Combining both property and liability insurance, a BOP will cover your business in the event of such things as property damage, suspended operations, or lawsuits resulting from bodily injury or property damage to others.

Master PacSM, Travelers Business Owner's Policy, offers a myriad of options to meet your specific insurance needs. Some businesses may find the BOP alone to be sufficient, while others may wish to tailor Travelers BOP by increasing key coverages, adding other options, or eliminating unnecessary coverages.

Our Master Pac series includes insurance protection for small businesses in the following industry segments:

  • Apartment:   Travelers Apartment PacSM and Apartment Pac PlusSM are designed for owners of buildings used exclusively as apartment houses, including cooperatives.
  • Building:   Travelers Building PacSM and Building Pac PlusSM are designed for lessors of commercial buildings occupied by offices, mercantile and retail establishments.
  • Business:   Travelers Business PacSM and Business Pac PlusSM are designed for businesses providing personal consumer services, businesses repairing light consumer goods and businesses engaged in printing.
  • Condominium:   Travelers Condominium PacSM and Condominium Pac PlusSM are designed for owners of buildings used exclusively as condominiums.
  • Contractors:   Travelers Contractors PacSM is designed for primarily small residential, special trade contractors.
  • Garage:   Travelers Garage PacSM is designed for independently operated or franchised automotive service and repair businesses.
  • Manufacturers:   Travelers Manufacturers Pac PlusSM is designed for manufacturers of electronics, food products, leather goods, instruments, metal goods, paper products, plastic goods, rubber products, textiles and wood products.
  • Office:   Travelers Office PacSM and Office Pac PlusSM are designed for a variety of firms providing medical, legal, financial or other professional services for their clientele.
  • Religious:   Travelers Religious PacSM is designed for small churches and other houses of worship not affiliated with operating educational institutions.
  • Restaurant:   Travelers Restaurant PacSM and Restaurant Pac PlusSM are designed for various food service establishments. Restaurant Pac is designed for fast food and family-style restaurants. Restaurant Pac Plus is designed for fine dining establishments, banquet and reception facilities and caterers, as well as the larger family-style restaurants.
  • Store:   Travelers Store Pac® and Store Pac PlusSM are designed for a wide variety of retailers primarily engaged in brick-and-mortar commerce.
  • Technology:   Travelers Technology Office PacSM is designed for technology firms providing computer consultation and a variety of technology services for their clientele. Travelers also offers Technology Manufactures Pac PlusSM which is designed for manufacturers of electronics and instruments products.
  • Wholesalers:   Travelers Wholesalers Pac PlusSM is designed for distributors of various types of durable and non-durable domestic goods.

The Master Pac series affords a large number of built-in coverages important to protecting your small business, including:

  • Business personal property (optional for some businesses)
  • Building coverage (optional for some businesses)
  • General liability
  • Product liability
  • Business income and extra expense (optional for some businesses)
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Equipment breakdown coverage

Small business insurance-specific coverage options are also available, such as:

  • Increased fine arts coverage
  • Accountants endorsement
  • Lawyers endorsement
  • Medical and dental office endorsement
  • Eating establishment endorsement
  • Spoilage coverage
  • Bailees customers goods coverage

Travelers is dedicated to the small business marketplace and we are sure that you will find an insurance product that is well suited for your business.

Commercial package policy (OMNI)

Travelers OMNI product is designed for those businesses that satisfy our underwriting guidelines, but require specialized coverage tailoring unavailable in Master Pac or Pac Plus.

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